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FAQQuestions and Answers

  • What are the options for Xero templates? +

    Our templates are based on the standard Xero .docx. However, we can fully customise your Xero templates with any compatible Xero fields. Simply send us a brief of what's required and we'll come back to you with a working template which you can test in Xero.
  • What is your refund policy? +

    We don't offer refunds. In the event that a template doesn't work we simply ask that you print a PDF from Xero demonstrating the error and give a brief explanation of the problem. Our tech team will check the source file and if it is a template fault we will fix it or replace it free of charge.
  • What payments methods do you accept? +

    You can checkout using PayPal where you can pay through your account or by credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account.
  • In what file format should I supply my logo? +

    For the best results a vector logo file (.eps or .ai) should be supplied. These can usually be obtained from your logo designer, it’s worth an ask! If you can’t provide us with a vector file – a high resolution image file (jpg, tiff or png) may be adequate. We will assess it and if unusable we will contact you to discuss the options available.

    If you have a logo, but have never had a vector format produced – now's a good time to get on it! We can redraw your logo in vector format so you have a high quality file to supply for future marketing.

  • What support options are available? +

    Due to the increasing demand for our templates we offer email support to all customers. We work through our inbox at 11am each weekday and aim to reply to all inquiries within 24 hours.
  • What additional services are available? +

    We also provide comprehensive graphic design services. SHAKE Design offers quality brand development, logo design, web design, digital marketing services and commercial printing.
  • In what file format should I supply my letterhead? +

    If you require your template/s to resemble your current letterhead we need a copy to reference.Your letterhead can be supplied in any of the following formats: PDF, Full colour JPG, PNG or TIFF scan, Word Doc, Ai or EPS.Please note: Publisher Files will not be accepted.

    In most cases, we can achieve Xero Template layouts that reflect your current design. Your branding can also be integrated through use of corporate colours in template headings and grid lines.

    Due to the unique formatting of Xero Templates, there are some print elements that cannot be effectively integrated. After your letterhead has been received, we will assess suitability and if necessary contact you to discuss options.

  • My template requirements are unique, how do I show you what's required? +

    In order to set up a custom template, we need to know the unique requirements of your current template (fields, data, info etc).

    If you have been using Xero and already have the template working and just require branding simply generate a PDF and upload this to us. IF you don’t know how to do this, you can simply print, scan and upload a file.

    If you are just starting out using Xero and have unique template requirements please upload a scan of a draft layout or your existing template from another accounting program. This will give us a clear idea of your requirements from the get-go and reduce revisions and cost.

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Custom Design Information


Turnaround on a Premium Bundle (4 Templates) is generally 5 working days from receiving your order. If this is going to differ, we will contact you with an updated turnaround. Custom design is a process and usually involves revisions, please allow 10-15 working days, depending on the scope of the project.


We will send you a watermarked sample of your template that you can actually install and test in Xero before finalising the order.


On approval we will release the Xero Template files for you to upload to Xero and your in business!

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